the diamond that started it all

the diamond that started it all


welcome to my mission is to give you a glimps of my life as a mother, wife, decorator, painter, and active woman. my inspiration comes from traveling, my education, and my family and friends. i have to admit upfront, however, that my "education" does not include a background in english, so please be patient with my grammar and spelling. i am, however, happy to share on this blog what i learn in my daily life from painting and decorating. here you will also find a real account of my struggles, my experiences, and my many reasons to rejoice. april, or the month of the diamond, is when my first and only daughter, mollie, was born. she is the reason i am a joyful mother, wife, and person today. i appreciate your time, and thank you in advance for your advice. perhaps one day you will be reading from my website but for now this homemade blog will do:-)
love, laura

Monday, January 25, 2010

instant gratification

we recently transformed part of the guest room into a play area.  the idea seems simple, however, i seriously contimplated taking the king size bed out and moving a small day bed in, therefore having ample space for miss mollie and i to play; moving in new flooring, moving out side tables, etc.  then, i was then reminded of how often "tini" comes to visit us (well, baby girl) and sleeps there.  when there are too many "if's" it is never a good sign...IF we could find storage for our mattress(could give the bed away easily), IF we could find a replacement bed, IF IF IF.  so, i decided to keep the large bed (my desk area too!!) and simply move furniture around to make a play area for us, while "baby-proofing" the dangerous areas and adding a baby gate to the door.  the only thing i actually moved out of the room was an old leather chair.  down the road when mollie grows out of her crib, i will be more mentally prepared to make the guest room into a "big girl" room for her, complete with her toys or whatever else she's accumulated by then. 

the room will be complete when her new art table, from bebe and pops, is added (still unassembled in the garage).  i can honestly say i have never been more excited about anything than to have an art table for mollie and i to share our creativity:-)  gosh, i hope not to be that aggressive mom but i pray she will love art too.  the blank wall above the chairs (where the art table will sit) will have this soon to feature friends and fun playdates.  the vintage children's chairs you see will accompany the art table, and eventually we will have to improve the toy storage.  just for the record (grandparents), if she is so generously given too many toys, they will kindly go to charity.  the rug is college years old, so i don't mind when it gets messy.  the baby gate and oh so exciting garden house was a christmas gift from aunt kiki & uncle E via babies r us.  the large toy chest was my grandfather's, but i covered it with fabric, so the kiddos would be splinter-free.  it's also a nice reading nook.

nothing glamorous, but it's the little things lately i have noticed make a huge difference in "mollie life."  i am trying to appreciate every day, every moment with her.  this small change makes a big difference.  when i thought i needed a whole new room, what i really needed was a makeover(hince the post title).  after careful review of the space, and not going with my initial reaction to a whole new room transformation, i was able to save money, time, and energy...and maybe gained a few extra visits from tini:-)

side note: i was reminded of a verse this morning in my bible study lesson that i thought applied to myself as a blogger.  in a nut shell, i feel blessed to have friends and family that keep up with us here and i want to humbly say thank you for following along...

Romans 12:15-16  "Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.  Be of the same mind toward one another.  Do not set your mind on high things, but associate with the humble.  Do not be wise in your
own opinion."

never in a million years thought i would own one of these

garden house in front of toy bin and art area

guest bed and my desk stay!  Can you see the cute foam protectors on the sharp edge?

         vintage chairs & reading nook, complete with cheerios for snack time:-)

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  1. Love the blog! you know what brand and color your desk is painted? I am looking for a color to paint mine and I really like that one!