the diamond that started it all

the diamond that started it all


welcome to my mission is to give you a glimps of my life as a mother, wife, decorator, painter, and active woman. my inspiration comes from traveling, my education, and my family and friends. i have to admit upfront, however, that my "education" does not include a background in english, so please be patient with my grammar and spelling. i am, however, happy to share on this blog what i learn in my daily life from painting and decorating. here you will also find a real account of my struggles, my experiences, and my many reasons to rejoice. april, or the month of the diamond, is when my first and only daughter, mollie, was born. she is the reason i am a joyful mother, wife, and person today. i appreciate your time, and thank you in advance for your advice. perhaps one day you will be reading from my website but for now this homemade blog will do:-)
love, laura

Monday, December 21, 2009

sequence of structures

in 2006, a friend asked me to paint from a photo a picture of her family's summer home in michigan.  i didn't give it much thought and painted it in a month or so.  it was a gift from her to her husband for christmas (they began a tradition of giving each other art work each christmas--great idea!).  anyway, the point is...this little painting of a house started a trickle of other meaningful paintings.  soon after mollie was born, a girl called after seeing the michigan painting, at my friend's house, wanting me to paint perkins chapel at the smu campus.  of course...i went to school there and how meaningful a gift to her husband for their anniversary!  currently, i am finishing a painting of a first home (it just sold) for a client.  it's also a gift to her husband, so i will wait until he sees it first to post it.  stay tuned.

i owe it all to my PR friend (the michigan painting girl!) who got the ball rolling.  it's been so much fun doing something i love.  obviously, i'm not painting for the $.  i figure 5 paintings a year is reasonable since i only have the time to paint when mollie is sleeping.  each painting usually takes 1 1/2-2 months, depending on size. landscapes and houses are my passion and i don't have any paintings hanging in my house (hey, people ask) because that would be weird.  i am taking a break until mid-jan but have nothing lined up for 2010...

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