the diamond that started it all

the diamond that started it all


welcome to my mission is to give you a glimps of my life as a mother, wife, decorator, painter, and active woman. my inspiration comes from traveling, my education, and my family and friends. i have to admit upfront, however, that my "education" does not include a background in english, so please be patient with my grammar and spelling. i am, however, happy to share on this blog what i learn in my daily life from painting and decorating. here you will also find a real account of my struggles, my experiences, and my many reasons to rejoice. april, or the month of the diamond, is when my first and only daughter, mollie, was born. she is the reason i am a joyful mother, wife, and person today. i appreciate your time, and thank you in advance for your advice. perhaps one day you will be reading from my website but for now this homemade blog will do:-)
love, laura

Monday, December 7, 2009

my favorite things(at christmas):

these chocolates are amazing. look at the box they come in too! they aren't just any chocolates--pictured are hazelnut/coffee filled dark chocolate or something tasty like that. honestly, i just started liking chocolate (like plain nibbling chocolate) only a couple of years ago but now i'm hooked. it's the perfect ending to any day. especially a holi-day.

my mom's friend, kerry parker, obviously a chocoholic herself, makes these delicious confections in her garage. let me know if you want her number-they are perfect for gifts, parties, and if you notice the box...they are also great for eating yourself...

vintage christmas ornaments. if you live in dallas, march yourself to curiousities in lakewood shopping center. there you will find this and that.

a menagerie of tree toppers also grace the aisles of consignment treasures at curiousities. vintage, glittery and requires a red light bulb. i think it's hilarious and genius at the same time.

you will probably only appreciate this one if you know a hunter or you yourself are a hunter. deer antlers. perfect to mix in with garland above the mantle, stick in the tree if you actually spend the money to buy a sturdy one, or i just lay them around on tables during the holidays. become good friends with your local taxidermy.

this is a "lenox" nativity scene. not sure what lenox means exactly but it sure is perrrrdy. tommy's grandmother kindly passed this down to us. i put it in a mccarty pottery bowl on our farm table...up high so miss mollie can't eat baby Jesus.

i guess i'm into vintage christmas this year because most of the above is an old find. i like a relatively different theme at christmas every year. for example, last year we didn't get a tree (because we went to MS for 2 weeks), so the theme was "sparse."

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